Trump Goes After New York Times, Washington Post: ‘They Have Gone Totally CRAZY!!!!’


President Trump lashed out at the media Saturday night, accusing “The LameStream Media” of publishing “numerous phony stories.”

“The LameStream Media had a very bad week. They pushed numerous phony stories and got caught, especially The Failing New York Times, which has lost more money over the last 10 years than any paper in history, and The Amazon Washington Post. They are The Enemy of the People!” Trump tweeted.

Trump also accused the “Fake News Media” of being “partners” of Democrats.

“The Fake News Media nowadays not only doesn’t check for the accuracy of the facts, they knowingly make up the facts. They even make up sources in order to protect their partners, the Democrats. It is so wrong, but they don’t even care anymore. They have gone totally CRAZY!!!!” Trump tweeted.

Read more at The Hill.



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