Trump Grand Jury Reportedly on Break for a Month

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The New York grand jury investigating hush money paid allegedly on behalf of Donald Trump is now taking a hiatus for the next month, according to Politico.

A source cited by Politico said the pause is due to a previously scheduled break in proceedings. The move means any possible indictment against the twice-impeached former president wouldn’t come until some point in late April. Trump himself had hyped up news of his potential arrest, having predicted that it would happen last week. Read more at Politico.


    • They can’t find anything to indict him is precisely the reason for their break when they hope to come up with something within the next weeks.

      Why is the DS so afraid of Trump if he’s not the President? Because they know that he IS the current POTUS.

  1. Clearly the incompetent moronic shtik dreq of an AG in Manhattan has no case and he doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to admit that.

    In this case, it probably would have been easier to indict a ham sandwich.


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