Trump Half-Shekel Coin

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The Mikdosh Educational Center, a right-wing group dedicated to rekindling interest in the Bais Hamikdash, issued a half-shekel coin in honor of President Trump’s Yerushalayim declaration.

Bearing the slogan “Balfour Declaration- Trump Declaration 1917-2017,” the coin displays overlapping images of Trump and Koresh and an engraving of the Bais Hamikdash. The coin contains 9.5 grams of silver worth just over $5.

The idea of a Bais Hamikdash shekel coin was conceived 20 years ago by Reuven Prager, head of the Beged Ivri organization established in 1983 to research ancient minhagim.

{ Israel}


  1. Neatly done.

    Can we be there soon?

    2020 is coming. The L-rd is funny. If it takes 20/20 vision, we might just see what we want. I am funny about how I think this world is freedom filled and prophetically funny.

    Great willing dreamers hope its really time. I can wonder how 2020 can see.

    Stranger than human dreaming work.


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