Trump Hits Bush: Invading Iraq ‘The Single Worst Decision Ever Made’


President Trump blasted former President George W. Bush on Saturday over the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, calling it “the single worst decision ever made.”

Speaking at a closed-door event with Republican donors in Florida, Trump mocked Bush’s intellect and compared his decision to invade Iraq to “throwing a big fat brick into a hornet’s nest.”

“Here we are, like the dummies of the world, because we had bad politicians running our country for a long time,” Trump said, according to CNN, which obtained a recording of the president’s remarks.

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  1. Sounds like he has been listening to the mainstream media for too long. When they attack him it’s fake news, but when they destroyed Bush he goes along with it. Back in the Bush years Trump was a liberal, a Hillary supporter, he believed everything CNN and MSNBC had to say about Bush, and now he continues to spread the same left wing lies…..

  2. Trump criticised Bush for the Iraq war? He has good company- Obama also criticised Bush, so did Sander, so did Kerry. Trump is just a NY lib who has no understanding of the need to preemptively attack out enemies before they get the capabilities to wreak havoc on us. Of course, all the Hannity Kool aiders will throw Bush under the bus, along with any conservative value that Trump has destroyed.

    • You know the Iraq war was a good decision, because the 2 senators who voted against it were…. Barak Obama and Bernie Sanders! Now we can add liberal Trump to the list of politicians who think we should have kept Saddam in power. He is just repeating all the lies that the mainstream media used to destroy Bush….

    • I guess you brilliant Rinos will be voting for Joe Biden if he can ever make up his mind. You’re right. President Trump is clearly an evil white racist heterosexual male. He is the Achashveirus/Haman of todays generation. His mind is constantly working, how can I make the lives of hardworking law abiding citizens as difficult and abusive as possible? How can I create friction between the races, after 8 years of total bliss under Obama/Holder?
      Trump has a bad mouth? Ooooooooh, that’s it! He must resign. He’s a politician and a hypocrite? OMG, he must resign. Who ever heard of a politician being a phony?! Terrible, just terrible. He doesn’t have good midos? That’s it. I’m out.
      Such immaturity by you critics, it’s pathetic.
      I mean, are you Rinos that stupid? Do you really have so much white guilt? Do you really want to pay higher taxes? Do you really spend sleepless nights mamesh worrying about global warming and climate change??? Are your lives that empty? Maybe you should stay home this year instead of going to your Pesach vacation extravaganza. You know, those evil airplanes give off a lot of pollution.

      • Not sure what your point is. As I said, Trump is simply repeating the left wing anti- Bush talking points. Can a Trumpet please respond without using words such as Rino, Hillary, etc? Just because you fell for this NY lib acting as a Republican (the epitome of RINO) doesn’t mean the rest of us have fallen for him. In fact, the majority of Republicans voted against him in the primary because they saw right through him. They knew he would be proposing trillion dollar stimulus plans, they knew he believed in government run health care, they knew he is against free trade, they knew his Bernie Sanders-style of isolationism would weaken America, they knew that his personal lack of morality would signal the end of any resistance to the left’s cultural war. Unfortunately, he won the primary (with the help of some Democrats), so we are stuck with “better than Hillary”

  3. How about Korean war, Vietnam war, Iraq war, these wars never served any purpose other then kill many Americans, Korean people, Vietnam people. Because of stupid governments decisions the people of countries suffer for look at what all the world is doing now, governments never suffer only the people of the country suffer. Look at the people and look at the government people the leaders are fat and chubby and well fed, look at the people starving, being bombed, living in squalor and ask yourself who is the war serving, naturally the government will always win and the citizens of the country will always lose.

  4. Wow. Looks like someone got rubbed the wrong way- went off on a typical Trumpet rant just because I pointed out that Trump has taken the same position as Obama and Sanders….Of course, he hasn’t said anything aside from asking if we will vote for Biden. See, this election, the true conservatives ended up voting for him because Hillary was that much worse, but if he continues his liberal ways, the true conservatives will just sit out the next election. There’s only so much they can take, watching their party get dragged to the left by this phony guy.


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