Trump: I Feel Sharper Now Than I Did 20 Years Ago

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During a rally in Nevada last night, Donald Trump responded to criticisms of his age and verbal slip-ups by asserting that he feels “sharper now than I did 20 years ago.”

The comments were prompted by Nikki Haley, his Republican presidential rival, who has questioned his cognitive abilities due to his age, 77, and advocated for a cognitive test for presidential candidates.

Expressing his views ahead of the Republican caucus in Nevada on Feb. 8, Trump addressed recent remarks from Haley, accusing him of confusion and questioning his fitness for the presidency. Despite some recent verbal errors, Trump dismissed concerns and criticized Haley, who is not competing in the Nevada caucus, and Democratic President Joe Biden, 81.

Trump’s secure position in Nevada’s delegate count stems from Haley’s absence, but he used the rally to attack both Haley and Biden. Focused on securing the Republican nomination, Trump seeks to weaken Haley’s position in the primary race and position himself for a potential general election rematch with Biden in November.

In an effort to push Haley out of the race before the South Carolina primary on Feb. 24, Trump and his allies have initiated a campaign and threatened to cut ties with donors supporting her. Despite Trump’s push, Haley remains committed to continuing her campaign in South Carolina and beyond.

Refusing to participate in Republican nominating debates and avoiding a debate with Haley, Trump reiterated derogatory remarks about her, including the nickname “birdbrain” and labeling the conservative Republican as “almost a radical left Democrat.” Trump emphasized the urgency to conclude the nomination fight, leading in polls in South Carolina with Haley facing challenges in securing the nomination.

After Trump’s victory in the New Hampshire primary, the Biden campaign acknowledged Trump’s likely nomination as the Republican candidate. Trump shifted his focus to Biden during his speech, highlighting concerns about record numbers of migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border since Biden took office. Trump characterized the situation as a “catastrophe” and an “invasion,” making immigration a central issue for the upcoming general election.



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