Trump: ‘I Love the Muslims’

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trumpGOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, under fire for not correcting a man at a New Hampshire town hall for attacking Muslims and accusing President Barack Obama of being one, said he loves Muslims and would consider putting one in his cabinet, CNN reports.

Trump spoke before a high school homecoming event in Urbandale, Iowa, and was asked by a student about the issue.

“I consider Muslim Americans to be an important asset to our country and society. Would you consider putting one in your cabinet, or even on your ticket?” a student asked Trump.

“Oh, absolutely. No problem with that,” Trump responded.

A CNN reporter also asked Trump about the controversy outside the event.

“I love the Muslims. I think they’re great people,” Trump said. Read more at NEWSMAX.



  1. I love Chucky Cheese too but I do not look to take my children there on a regular basis. If Mr. Trump is that permissively honorable, bite the bullet and stand up and draw attention to his own ignorance against the rights of just the poorest president in modern history [Obama]. Obama is the pace of his own dream. Its socialism, not a caliphate in America.

    But I guess that Obama has his issues too. He can not come clean on Israel’s right to exist with rights of human value in our society. When is the last time he spoke about BDS or any other antisemitic issue in America or elsewhere? He did not even go to France when the murders happened including Israel being attacked.

    So I guess its a bad era of who has more money and who has more shame.

    In the end, I think Hillary might win. She is the zero opposite of any good common sense, but her family is still a topic of debate.

    Times see that G-d is blessed. Choice says he must be our fame and fate if we look for an American Promise.

    So therefore, another day tomorrow of the hubris and the hate. When will the corruption end? Probably with the polls.

    Another digression from an unhappy jew with a mood of liberty and fate. G-d is blessed. Trump on the other hand, I just think is expensive.


  2. If he really and truly did love them he wouldn’t have to differentiate and say they be would consider putting one in his cabinet. Meaning he is saying they are different but I still would.
    Trump go back to real estate. We all liked you better than.

  3. “I love the Muslims. I think they’re great people,” Trump said”

    Now, the Donald just lost my vote. Not “hating” and “loving” are worlds apart. To even make such a statement, it just shows that Trump is a classic political whore.


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