Trump: I Made Decision To Oust Tillerson ‘By Myself’


President Trump said on Tuesday that he made the decision to oust Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on his own, and that Tillerson would be “much happier now.”

“I made that decision by myself. Rex wasn’t, as you know, in this country,” Trump said. Tillerson returned to Washington on Tuesday after a trip to Africa.

“As far as Rex Tillerson is concerned, I very much appreciate his commitment and his service and I wish him well,” Trump told reporters outside the White House. “He’s a good man.”

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Tillerson was no good for you but Pompeo? Director of the CIA Mafia? We were hoping you’ll be draining the swamp and here you go and take the swamp into your home. Anyhow, he’ll probably not last too long.

  2. Re Pompeo from the CIA: kabdeihu vechashdeihu (respect him, but be wary of him) שומר פתאים ה May G-d protect you.


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