Video: Trump Jokes: I Could Shoot Someone and Not Lose Votes

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While discussing his standing in the national polls, Donald Trump told supporters today at a campaign rally that he could shoot someone and he would still be on top.

“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” Trump said. The

Republican presidential candidate declined to elaborate when a CNN reporter later asked about his comment. Read more at CNN.




  1. Wuss. Mitt Romney was a bigger time bomb. Who is really looking for hate filled competitive hate professed republicans anyhow?

    He can shoot ultimatums to Palin from his casino on the White House lawn.

    This guy scares every jive in the night.

    Different strokes for hidden gang minded dangerous folks.

    This comment seems to really support the very hate he professes. Blood for the tempermental.

    Gill temper and stopping grin. He must not be elected.

    Honor roll burned. Clearly not American pride.

    Moisten his military ease.


  2. The secret of the Trump’s political success, is in his unceremonious iconoclasm of the media/dim/rino establishment. The conservative/constitutionalist majority is willing to overlook Mr Trump’s prior political history precisely for his willingness to fight the holy cows. Just don’t fight too dirty when it comes to Cruz, as that might turn some away.


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