Trump: I Was Just Being Sarcastic When I Said Obama Founded ISIS

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Donald Trump said today that he was just being sarcastic when he averred on Thursday that President Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton were “the founders” and “MVPs” of ISIS.

On Twitter, The Donald wrote:

Ratings challenged @CNN reports so seriously that I call President Obama (and Clinton) “the founder” of ISIS, & MVP. THEY DON’T GET SARCASM?

Trump first made the remark at a rally in Fort Lauderdale Wednesday night, before saying it again on CNBC and in an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt.



  1. We know, just like we know you were being sarcastic when you said you were running for president.
    However you supporters arent that bright and take what you say seriously

  2. That interview with Rudyou on Newsday was amazing.

    Cnn takes things literally when it’s said by a Republican.

    How the … did hillary make 10 million dollars last year??

    Trump 2016

  3. Clever humors think that Hillary is just a bad person for every nickel that was given to her for her fame and her conversational humane thought.

    The sadness is that if the community and the market add a face and a voice to war, it might be well paid by many speeches.

    This is not a shame.

    The jealous political opposition wants to smear her for her careful kind words about liberty. Sadly, we live in discredit dangerous mood in our nation. The GOP state dream is not the good of the worth of the common man voicing his opinion today. A good mood in America is met with the hate of the graded loss of a marketplace with angry participants.

    Still, I will testify that in my years, I think that the GOP is answering its own pledge to hurt the common mood of the human vote. The safe bet is that a guy to hold his gold is not a grand mood just to spend his dollar. The sad feeling is that the intimidation of the vote by the GOP is so bad that if you do not like the way of cafe wit just angry, you are read your constitutional perceived hate-freedom mood from the enemy. Still, a voter is a voter and he has rights to choose the party of his vote. The arrogant see that they answer and imagine the voter to be their work doll. If they can stop him from having the vote of his family or his feelings, they can own the marketplace and displace the gold for the good of their own feelings.

    That is the sadness of this wait-weathered war for American Politics. The constitutional right to choose your candidates is removed by the negative and the safe bet is that the soul is always at odds with a negative voice in the market place and society.

    The world can see you work for your dollar, you cast your vote and you should be able to go home safe.

    The GOP wanting to eliminate my vote as a democrat because I like a candidate who seems to have liberty rights is so aggressively displayed in this day that every time I find company who is not a Democrat today, I am often reminded that I am myself a hard work for just the sake of human common sense.

    Someone wrote about liberty. It was not the guy who tells you that “the democrats are the enemy”. This is so asinine that I can not wait to see Hillary speak and remove the GOP votes. She does it by making herself more crucial. They try to do it by telling you what a monster you have for human feelings.

    Something is very wrong. I guess that is what happens when the unruly have a very bad party and no congressional valued leaders to regard as men of liberty.

    Still, I might be wrong. The common dollar might just belong only to the republicans as it is and the nice democrats are just the people to scrap off their tables. Worked for Reagan. Not for me.



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