Trump: I Won’t Accept a Cruz Endorsement

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Donald Trump proclaimed this morning that he would not accept Ted Cruz’s endorsement if the Texas senator decides to change his mind and back his party’s nominee.

“If he gives it, I will not accept it,” Trump said at a Cleveland rally, the Daily Beast reports. “It won’t matter. Honestly, he should’ve done it because nobody cares. And he would’ve been in better shape for four years from now—I don’t see him winning anyway, frankly.”

Cruz was booed by delegates at this week’s GOP convention after he declined to endorse Trump for president. Trump jokingly suggested he would create an anti-Cruz super PAC as president.



  1. At this point Trump is an idiot for even answering such a question. He just came off a night where he accepted the nomination. Why give fodder for the NY Times, Washington Post, Charlie Hall, etc…? If he is that dumb to continue this controversy, he will lose to Hillary, big time. He is falling right into the DNC’s trap. It is HE, Donald Trump, that has to move on already.

  2. # 1 – It’s not hard to tell that you hate Trump blindly, with absolutely no reason other than possible jealousy. I hope you’ll be disappointed big time with your predictions

  3. Trump is showing strength.
    He picked a conservative VP and the Cruz camp should be happy.
    Trump reached out to Cruz and let Cruz speak at the convention. Cruz blew it.
    So forget about him. He’s done.

  4. So instead of going after and attacking Hillary Clinton, he goes after Ted Cruz. Yeh, that makes a lot of sense. Take your momentum from the night before and throw it down the toilet with more infighting. Something tells me Trump is not serious about winning the white house. He is just another Romney, happy that he made it this far. It’s no wonder the majority of Republicans DIDN’T vote for him in the primaries. Remember, it was split up between Rubio/Cruz/Bush/Kasich. We will have to wait till 2020.


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