Trump: I Won’t Change My Temperament or Strategy

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said in a Fox Business Network interview today that he has no plans to change either his temperament or his campaign strategy. “I think that my temperament has gotten me here,” Trump said. “We beat a lot of people in the primaries and now we have one person left and we’re actually doing pretty well there, but we’ll see how it all comes out.”

Though Trump faced a slew of criticism for a host of incidents in the past week, including battling with the Gold Star family of a slain Muslim-American soldier, he said he plans to remain the same candidate he’s been for months. Trump said he believes he only needs to keep “just doing what I’m doing.” He added, “I certainly don’t think it’s appropriate to start changing all of a sudden when you’ve been winning. I mean, I’ve beaten many people, and now we’re down to one. And we’ll see how it all works out, but I think it’s going to work out well.” Read more at POLITICO.



  1. “Trump: I Won’t Change My Temperament or Strategy”
    Why should he? It’s working so well right now 🙁

    What a lunatic. Either that or he just isn’t serious about trying to win.

    Get ready for a Clinton kleptocracy, with Bill, Hillary and their buddies lining their pockets for the next four years.

  2. He needs 2 start changing his attitude or else he’ll lose a lot of votes, just the opposite, if he takes the right & good advice from the ppl on his campaign & the ppl guiding him, he has a good chance to win, however if he continues to say & do silly things, ppl won’t even listen 2 him. We want Mr. Trump to win, I think he’ll get the idea soon that he has to change & then he will see yes ppl are listening to him & he could win the election BE”H (Bezras Hashem)

  3. Why should he change is ways? It’s the despicable and disgusting media which take every second word he says and makes a story our of it.

    Where was had media when hillary said Trump’s was her “husband” and quickly fixing her error.

    Media is so liberal and biased it makes me sick.

    Trump 2016

  4. Clean your houses well at passover this following year.

    Hillary fantastic will be in office.

    She has the best. The matzos will taste better because Stale Trump is so bad that even the horseradish has a blind spot.

    Creative hope for Hillary. The market should be right.


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