Trump: If I Lose, You’ll ‘Have to Learn to Speak Chinese’

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Ramping up his attacks on his 2020 opponent, President Donald Trump said today that China would be in control of the United States if former Vice President Joe Biden wins this November.
Better get ready to speak Chinese, the president told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.
“All they’re waiting for, and China too, is that I’m defeated. Because if I’m defeated, China will own the United States,” Trump bellowed. After wondering aloud whether Biden’s team is engaging in “backchannel talks” with China, Trump added: “If I don’t win the election, China will own the United States—you will have to learn to speak Chinese!”


  1. My Chinese coworkers tell me that Mandarin Chinese is actually an easy language to learn to speak. It is written Chinese that is very challenging and takes years.


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