Trump: I’ll Go Down 5 Points In The Polls By Saying Obama’s Tears Were Real

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trumpDonald Trump in an interview Wednesday declined to take a shot at President Obama for tearing up talking about gun control on Tuesday.
During a conversation with Fox News, Trump said he believed Obama’s tears were genuine.

“I actually think he was sincere. I’ll probably go down about 5 points in the polls by saying that,” the Republican presidential front-runner joked. “But I think he was sincere.”

Tears rolled down Obama’s face  when he discussed the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which left 20 young children dead. Obama was giving a speech announcing his new executive action that aims to expand background checks on gun buyers.

Obama did not cry in response to other tragedies. But Trump, who has vowed to reverse Obama’s executive action, said the president most likely “means well.”

“I think he’s incorrect about it. They’re just taking chunks and chunks out of the Second Amendment,” he said. “But I think he probably means well.”

Trump went on to say that mass shootings were the result of a “huge mental-health problem,” not a lack of gun-control measures.




  1. Does Mr. Trump honestly believe he’ll go down in the polls if he doesn’t criticize every breath President Obama takes? Maybe he does, which might be why he felt compelled to call an opponent taking a restroom break as “disgusting”.

  2. It is disgusting that he can’t say ANYTHING good about anyone. He is a perpetual fault-finder. Nobody is good enough for him. He is tops, he is the richest, the smartest, the best, ….

  3. #2, are you illiterate? The article clearly says Trump said that obama means well and his tears were sincere. How is that not saying something good about him?


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