Trump Jr. Rips New York Times Over ‘Flagrant Anti-Semitism’ In Cartoon

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Donald Trump Jr. on Saturday ripped The New York Times over a cartoon published in its international print edition this week that the newspaper pulled because of “anti-Semitic tropes.”

“Disgusting. I have no words for flagrant anti-Semitism on display here,” the president’s son tweeted. “Imagine this was in something other than a leftist newspaper?”

The New York Times Opinion section apologized on Saturday for the cartoon, which depicted President Trump wearing a yarmulke and walking a portrayal of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a dog on a leash.

“The image was offensive, and it was an error of judgment to publish it,” the newspaper said in a tweet. “It was provided by The New York Times News Service and Syndicate, which has since deleted it.”

Read more at The Hill.



  1. We Jewish people have no one to blame for the NYT Anti……. but ourselves,
    for subscribing to it.
    The NYT’s has been an Anti……. newspapers for the longest of times,
    (with it’s unfortunate mostly Jewish writers.)
    Please just unsubscribe, they might feel the pinch.


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