Trump Knocks ‘Failed Presidential Candidate’ Romney After Impeachment Vote



President Trump in an early morning tweet on Thursday ramped up his jabs targeted at Sen. Mitt Romney after the Utah Republican voted to convict Trump on one article of impeachment in his Senate trial.

“Had failed presidential candidate @MittRoney devoted the same energy and anger to defeating a faltering Barack Obama as he sanctimoniously does to me, he could have won the election,” the president said.

Trump on Wednesday night also accused Romney of being a Democratic spy.

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  1. So how soon will we see him in GITMO for his crimes as Governor in Massachusetts? And what about the rest of the political criminals – with over 80% in the Dem party and about 20% in the Rep party?

  2. For an individual as individual To have a conscience ,
    that a gentleman should be respected for his conscience,
    and should vote accordingly that is the Bedrock Foundation upon which the Republic is based
    I believe Romney felt also an added obligation to his father + the old Republican party that Romney remembered To vote the way he did

    Due to the dire need of hit hard back at the postmodern postliberal democrats
    we’re in Danger of giving up and abandoning the ends for the sake of the means And completely confusing it with the ends
    this is even for someone Like myself who is relieved by the general vote for acquittal
    That is the case even if an element Of political calculation for Romney May have been in the vague calculus
    It may be of help in a general election if it gets that far but it will be a tremendous risk for the primaries now that he alienated the base as he was well aware

  3. People can debate all day if what Trump did was impeachable or not. But included in what Romney said was that Trump “endangered national security”. I’m sorry but that is a false and fake invented accusation by the Dems. No rational thinking person can even entertain that. Some of the reasons include: The money was for future expenditures, and ended up being delivered on time. And this is money that Obama didn’t approve at all, all the while Ukraine was actually fighting Russia. Was he endangering national security also?
    So Romney’s sanctimonious position is BALONEY. He hates Trump and that is the only thing that drove him to vote as he did. He hates him so much, that he convinced himself that he did the right thing.


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