Trump Lauds ‘Great People’ Who Chanted ‘Send Her Back’ at Ilhan Omar

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Donald Trump has showered praise upon the crowd who launched into a “Send her back!” chant directed towards Rep. Ilhan Omar during the president’s Wednesday night rally in North Carolina.
Chilling footage of the president’s supporters chanting about Omar—a U.S. citizen who moved from Somalia as a child—has been shown around the world. Predictably, Trump has praised their actions, writing late Wednesday: “Just returned to the White House from the Great State of North Carolina. What a crowd, and what great people. The enthusiasm blows away our rivals on the Radical Left. 2020 will be a big year for the Republican Party!”
The chant echoed a series of racist tweets fired off by Trump against four progressive Democratic lawmakers that include Omar, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Rep. Ayanna Pressley.
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  1. What a terribly biased headline and article.

    1) He was praising the great people who were at the rally. Few of whom happened to chant “Send her back”. “Send her back” was a mere few seconds from a 2-hour rally.
    2) Trump’s tweets were not racist. If read in full context without bias, they weren’t even wrong.
    3) Trump later repudiated the “Send her back” chant.

  2. This article could have been written for Der Sturmer. It implies that the President supported the chant, which he explicitly stated he did and does not. He praised the crowd for their energy and enthusiasm throughout the rally, without singling out this single minutes-long chant.

    This would be analogous to saying that The Agudah supports wholesale and late-term abortion because they praised Gov. Cuomo for passing a piece of legislation favorable to the Orthodox community. After all, Cuomo is a powerful supporter of abortion.

  3. Why does Matzav quote from far left sources who are against any morals, any religion and idiolize far left anti semitic radicals? Finally the president is calling out someone for their anti wemitic rhetoric and instead of praising it, matzav is publicizing very biased anti trump articles. Calling out hateful anti semitic behaviour should not be called on matzav “racist tweets” and as others wrote he did not praise the chant. he actually disavowed it.
    As a policy,matzav should not copy its articles from washington post and other left wing sources. they constantly include biased and untrue information. this is just one example our of many.


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