Trump Lawyer To Meet With Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday In Russia Probe

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Michael Cohen, a former lawyer for President Donald Trump’s business and a close associate of the president, is scheduled to be interviewed Tuesday morning by the Senate Intelligence Committee as part of its investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Cohen, who served as an executive vice president of the Trump Organization from 2007 until earlier this year, will meet with the committee’s staff in a closed session. He has denied that he in any way assisted Russian interests during the presidential campaign.

Cohen has argued that he has been unfairly pulled into Russia investigations because he was named in a dossier compiled before the election by a former British spy working on behalf of Trump’s political opponents.

Former MI6 agent Christopher Steele named Cohen in a series of reports, suggesting that Cohen had assisted the Russian effort by meeting with Kremlin representatives to discuss strategy and finances in Prague. Cohen has repeatedly and emphatically denied the allegations.

The Senate Intelligence Committee could ask Cohen about the dossier, a series of unverified reports about Trump’s ties to Russia and Russian efforts to back Trump. But the Intelligence Committee questions could also extend into other Russia-related areas where Cohen has acknowledged activity.

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