Trump: ‘Nobody More Insulting to Biden Than’ Harris Was

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President Donald Trump continued his surprise Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., was selected as Joe Biden’s running mate, saying “nobody more insulting to Biden than she was.”

“She said far worse about Biden than I ever did, and now she’s running for vice president,” Trump said during his daily press briefing Wednesday. “So how does that work?”

His remarks came shortly after Harris and Biden waged their own attacks on the president in her unveiling of the official Biden-Harris 2020 ticket.

“I didn’t watch; I saw a moment of him speaking, a moment of her speaking,” Trump told reporters. “He made a choice. Look, he picked her. I watched her. I watched her poll numbers go boom, boom, boom, down to almost nothing.”

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  1. Trump has a very juvenile approach to politics – he likes people who say nice things about him, regardless of who they may be, and hates people who wont get down on their knees and flatter him – and he is pretty open about this. So he cannot seem to get his head around the fact that some people take a more strategic or sometimes even merits based approached. Hence he is completely baffled how Biden selected Harris as VP.

  2. Grape guts Biden. The lady failed to be elected by the ticket she was on 3 times. The odds are the queer world keeps saying that the “world is different today”. Yet is it fatter on its laundry but not its advice. We can see that the only bias better than 1984 is the price on the car and the load to fill it. Not the simple wage of the bible that is not changed because Jerusalem is solid.

    A will to this odd new misadventure which only Hashem konws why we get it again and again.

    Who walks on this error more than twice? Democrats.



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