Trump Nominates Amy Coney Barrett To The US Supreme Court

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Judge Amy Coney Barrett, tapped today as President Donald Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court of the United States, declared her love for the nation and Constitution, her admiration for the late Justice Antonin Scalia — and a belief that “disagreements need not destroy relationships.”

In her speech in the Rose Garden, Barrett spoke warmly of her family life — her marriage to her lawyer husband, her nine children, and her “chagrin” that her children liked her husband’s cooking better than hers.

She also movingly described her view of justice — and the ability for two sides to disagree and yet not divided.

“I pledge to respond the responsibilities to the best of my ability,” she declared. “I love the United States and I love the United States Constitution.”

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  1. The headline “Trump Nominates Amy Coney Barrett To The US Supreme Court” contains an error.

    The name is Comey, not Coney, as you have it correctly in the story.

  2. I hope she is alright. A coney is a form of a rabbit mentioned in Leviticus for dietary precaution. Lets hope Hashem is bearing something biblical. We may need to upstand.


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