Trump Nominates Ten Conservatives to be Federal Judges

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President Donald Trump unveiled a slate of ten judicial nominees to the federal courts on Monday who are mainstream conservatives, taking the next step to fulfill his campaign promise after his successful appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Trump has already made one other judicial nomination: Judge Amul Thapar to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. Thapar is currently a federal district judge (the trial court in the federal system) in Kentucky. But at this moment, there are 122 judicial vacancies in addition to the one Thapar will fill when he is confirmed.

On Monday, Trump nominated ten additional picks to fill many of those seats, five for the federal appeals courts and four for the federal district courts (in addition to one for a specialized court, the Court of Federal Claims).

The president’s nominees to the appeals courts are:

Justice Joan Larsen of the Michigan Supreme Court, for the Sixth Circuit
Attorney John K. Bash, also for the Sixth Circuit
Professor Amy Coney Barrett of Notre Dame Law School, for the Seventh Circuit
Justice David Stras of the Minnesota Supreme Court, for the Eighth Circuit
Former Alabama Solicitor General Kevin Newsom, for the Eleventh Circuit
Two of these three, Larsen and Stras, were on Trump’s List of 21 for the Supreme Court vacancy filled by Gorsuch.

Most of them clerked for justices on the Supreme Court, and all have stellar records and are regarded as principled originalists who believe in interpreting the Constitution and other written laws according to their original public meaning.


These nominations for lifetime appointments now go the U.S. Senate for confirmation. Read more at Breitbart.



  1. “interpreting the Constitution and other written laws according to their original public meaning”
    as in zero ioncome tax and/or only hard metal currency??


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