Trump, Obama Tie For America’s Most Admired Man In 2019

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President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama tied for the top spot as America’s most admired man in 2019, according to Gallup’s annual poll, marking the first time Trump has earned the distinction, and the 12th time for Obama.

Both Trump and Obama each earned 18% support among Americans as the man “living today in any part of the world” they admired most, according to the survey.

Aside from the two presidents, no other man earned support from more than 2% of Americans, but finishing out in the top 10 are former President Jimmy Carter, businessman Elon Musk, Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates, Pope Francis, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., California Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the Dalai Lama, and investor Warren Buffett.

Read more at ABC NEWS.



  1. “Ugh. I have to share this honor with THAT guy???” ~ President Trump
    “Ugh. I have to share this honor with THAT guy???” ~ Ex-President Obama

  2. Well, if Hillary had a 93% chance in 2016 according to all the fake news, then Obama could be the “most admired” man according to the fake news.

  3. Song song blue, every brash man has a plan.

    Bill it the freedom of opportunity. Only you can prevent stagnant rot of ex-president.

    A good world of no one cares anyhow.


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