Trump On Clinton’s Sanders Comments: ‘She’s The One That People Don’t Like’


President Trump on Wednesday ridiculed Hillary Clinton after his 2016 Democratic opponent said she still thinks “nobody likes” Sen. Bernie Sanders, with the president saying he believes she’s unlikable.

“When Hillary says nobody likes him, nobody likes her. That’s why she lost, nobody liked her,” Trump told Fox Business Network in an interview from Davos, Switzerland.

“She had every advantage. She had this big machine behind her… and it wasn’t even close,” he continued. “She’s the one that people don’t like. If I had my choice in terms of personality, I might take him over her. But I probably would take neither.”

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  1. Mr. President, when will you stop this nonsense? We are aware that you know of Hillary’s whereabouts that she was McCained about a year ago. When will you disclose it officially?

  2. Actually both Clinton and Trump are correct.

    Sanders is an angry old man who never did anything meaningful in his life. Unless you are a young progressive there is nothing to like about him.

    Trump is also right lots of people dislike Hillary Clinton especially if they live in flyover country.

    Some of us on the East Coast are not crazy about her either.


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