Trump On Comey: ‘I Wish Him Luck’


President Trump on Tuesday offered a cryptic message for fired FBI Director James Comey ahead of his highly anticipated testimony before Congress.

“I wish him luck,” Trump told reporters at the White House before a meeting with GOP congressional leaders.

The comments were Trump’s first public reaction to Comey’s decision to testify publicly about his interactions with the president.

During a Thursday hearing held by the Senate Intelligence Committee, the former director is expected to dispute the president’s claim that he personally assured him he was not under investigation. Read more at The Hill.




  1. He surely needs lots of luck. If he lied under oath that Trump did not block his investigation and changes his mind, he committed perjury. If he’ll lie under oath now, he’ll also commit perjury. In either case he belongs in prison. If he’ll say he was pressured, why did he continue the investigation instead of taking action? Knowing Comey, he’ll bring some concocted (new) memos and say he cannot disseminate classified information (as the Russians might eat it up).


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