Trump, On Final Day Before Election, Says Obama Was A ‘Disaster’ For Israel

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Speaking in the pivotal swing state of Florida on the final day before the general election, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump called President Barack Obama’s policies on Israel a “disaster.”

“We will stand strong, we have to stand strong with the state of Israel in their fight against Islamic terrorists,” Trump told a cheering crowd in Sarasota, Fla.

“Barack Obama was the worst thing that ever happened to Israel…Barack Obama was a disaster for Israel,” he said.

Trump’s comments refer to tense relations during the past several years between Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, especially relating to Israel’s opposition to the Obama administration-brokered Iran nuclear deal.

“Believe me, the Iran deal, where we made [the Iranians] rich, we also gave them a direct path to nuclear weapons, but we’ll be working with Israel closely, very closely,” Trump said.

Florida, which is home to the third-largest Jewish population in the U.S., is a key battleground state for the presidential candidates. The latest polling suggests that Florida is essentially a tie between Trump and his Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton.




  1. Severed wit. The state is not hockey value.

    Trump gives the right of human activity no credit. The GOP today will use any reference to Israel as a hockey manner to try to squalor up a storm to hate the democrats.

    Israel is the new gift that the GOP uses to push Americans away from progressive policy. We must trust G-d has a plan.

    Gig and villify.


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