Trump On NYC Bombing: ‘I Called It’


This morning, Donald Trump stated that he was the first to call the New York City explosion a “bombing,” telling Fox News that he should become a TV news anchor because of his ability to read between the lines during the incident’s immediate aftermath.

The Republican presidential nominee was initially criticized for telling a rally crowd that “a bomb went off” mere minutes after news broke of an explosion, which ultimately injured 29 people.

“If you saw [Hillary Clinton] in the back of the plane—and she used the word ‘bombs’ also, by the way. I heard—I didn’t see it—but I heard I was criticized for calling it correctly,” Trump lamented to Fox & Friends via telephone. “But what I said was exactly correct. I should be a newscaster, because I called it before the news.” Read more at POLITICO.



  1. The man that takes pride in the value of making sure he can tell the whole world what a terror event is in the immediate dark hour of war is a criminal. He has no creative concept for the doubt that man must learn the facts, the variance and the startled day more than his own fast pace to determine that he must himself have fame in light of the event.

    This man is an evildoer and has no concern for our citizens.

    Its scary.


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