Trump Peace Plan To Recognize All Israeli Settlements

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President Donald Trump’s long-awaited Israeli-Palestinian peace plan will recognize the extension of Israeli law over all Jewish settlements in the West Bank, a Channel 12 television report said Sunday.

The report said that the plan, expected to be made public in mid-June, will recognize that all Israeli-settled areas “will remain in Israeli hands under a permanent accord”.

While the US will not explicitly back the “annexation” of the settlements, or the extension of “Israeli sovereignty” to them, it will not object to the “extension of Israeli law” to them.

The un-sourced report, which did not include a response from the Americans, comes after repeated vows by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to extend Israeli law to the settlements, ideally with American backing.


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  1. What will Israel have to give for this great plan, Remember Israel always has to give a piece for Peace, and no one else.

    • Israel will have to make a nice huge tzeischem ulshalom sign with a huge yellow smiley face to honor the Arabs who are finally going home to their hometown in Jordan.


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