Trump, Pelosi Have Not Spoken for a Full Year

Mark Wilson/Getty Images/AFP
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It’s now been a full year since President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have spoken to each other.

The two leaders’ last extended conversation took place during a meeting at the White House last Oct. 16, when Pelosi and top Democrats walked out from a meeting between leaders of both parties and Trump at the White House about his decision to pull troops out of northern Syria, reports The Hill.

After the meeting, Pelosi told reporters that “we have to pray for his health,” and their relationship has not gotten better.

Since then, Pelosi led the House through its vote to approve articles of impeachment against Trump in January, and she has been negotiating bipartisan legislation through people like Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

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  1. Actually it’s more than a year that she’s been coronavirused and not around anymore. The one pictured looks 20 years younger with slightly different facial features.


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