Trump Picks GOP Fundraiser Lewis Eisenberg to be Ambassador to Italy


President Donald Trump nominated Lewis Eisenberg, a major Republican fundraiser, to serve as the next ambassador to Italy.

It’s one of several nominees the White House announced Monday evening.

Eisenberg was a former partner of Goldman Sachs and ran the Republican National Committee’s joint fundraising operations with Trump’s campaign. Read more at NEWSMAX.



    • An ambassador is not required to speak the language of the country to which he is assigned.

      Many Israeli ambassadors to the US didn’t speak English.

      • Maybe it’s not a requirement, but surely it is an advantage. Not that the fate of the world rests on the shoulders of ambassadors, but how effective can one be if s/he can’t communicate reliably with the native people (who will generally speak English, but you lose a lot in translation) or pick up on what’s going on peripherally around them?

  1. All Israelis know Hinglish perfectly……….Ehhhhhhhhhhh………I drrink Monte doo sooda…………….Vat for you know?…


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