Trump Pokes Fun Of Opponents Native American Heritage Claims: ‘Warren 1/2020th’

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President Trump posted a parody image of a Elizabeth Warren 2020 campaign slogan to Twitter that reads, “Warren 1/2020th.”

Trump often taunted Warren for her claims and pressured her to take a DNA test and share the results. The president would call the senator “Pocahontas” and said that he had more American Indian blood than she did.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., released the results of a DNA test in October that revealed she could be as little as 1/1024th Native American.


Read more at The Washington Examiner.



  1. DNA world wonder. Maybe she can just coat it up and confess the Clinton mistakes. We might be interested.

    A world does not change until we have better faced working days. This one is as it is.

  2. Clever Warren is smug small. The anti-growth humor is against jewish wage in well market. We might not wish to support her conditions of market priority. The whole of her aghast proto-dynamic wit is just her wellness to sway a pragmatism in market energy to its small world wait best better just market rule economics.

    There is some thought she may honor jewish community and help the manners of any jewish voter; but in terms of proto-dynamics, she is a lesser wit. Small. I wish they could just call her wigwam instead of Pocohantas. She is looking for the first to put on the stake.


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