Trump Predicts ‘Big’ Win In November, Pointing To ‘Silent Majority’

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President Trump predicted Sunday that he will have a “big win” in November due to a “silent majority.”

“THE VAST SILENT MAJORITY IS ALIVE AND WELL!!! We will win this Election big. Nobody wants a Low IQ person in charge of our Country, and Sleepy Joe is definitely a Low IQ person!,” Trump tweeted Sunday morning.

The president’s tweet slamming presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, comes as the Democratic candidate has been beating Trump in recent polls, including surveys of key swing states Trump will need to win again in November to keep control of the White House.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. BEZRAT HASHEM!!!!!!!!!!!! with G-ds help.
    wake up liberals- wake up!!!!!!!!!!! before its too late.

  2. Well, Well, Well!
    There were 300 million Americans. 150 million were killed by gun violence. An additional 125 million died from Covid-19. So there’s only 25 million Americans left who vote! Most cities are, according to Joe Biden’s America totally desolate because of his number tally as mentioned above. So if Joe Camel gets a little more than 12.5 million votes, he wins. Certainly Nancy Kirby would be delighted!

  3. anonymous is correct, its quiet strange that the democrats would move forward with a nominee that undoubtedly does not have the mental capacity to hold the office of president (although its open for debate if he ever had the mental capacity and only his more recent dementia type health issues caused him to lose that capacity or if he never had the capacity in the first place) incidentally James Comey in his book where he admires Obama a lot he basically mentions biden in passing and basically describes him as a total idiot. the only reason biden has any chance is because he is using the covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to hide in his basement and if he’s alone in the basement he cant make any gaffes and noone can say that hes not mentally there.

    • If you recall they tried the same strategy with Hillary. She never did any interviews. When she did a few rigidly pre-arranged scripted town hall meetings, she never took a single question from a stranger or member of the media. She was always whisked quickly off the stage. Her handlers knew that if she engages with the public, she would of been toast. Even by her prepared debates, she was given the questions in advance by Donna Brazile. The lowlife Rino’s let it fly. With Biden it’s a kol shekein! The DNC know how weak and pathetic this Biden dummy is, so they make sure he never sees the light of day until Nov 3rd, when they’ll try to steal the election again. Bernie Sanders must be kicking himself now for caving in to Tom Perez and dropping out. With this whole BLM and rioting and looting, the progressive Sanders would of been the perfect articulate candidate for the thuggish Democrat voters. He probably, with the help of the media, would of beaten President Trump in a landslide. No Michelle Obama as his VP pick will help the old windbag Biden at this point.


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