Trump Preparing to Debate Biden

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President Donald Trump has begun preparing to face Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden with mock debates, something he refused to do before the first debate against Hillary Clinton in 2016, Politico reports.

In 2016, Trump refused to engage in a mock debate prior to the first televised debate with Clinton, the Democrat candidate in that election. He refused to allow anyone to play Clinton, and he would not allow his campaign team to simulate the question-and-answer routine that he would be facing. Trump reportedly later felt that he failed in the first debate because he skipped preparations and is now seeking to avoid making the same mistake.

White House officials and outside advisers are reportedly investigating words and phrases that will cause Biden to “reboot” during the debate. However, one unidentified adviser noted that the former vice president “did a very effective job at debating the wunderkind that was [then-Republican vice presidential nominee] Paul Ryan in 2012, so I take his knowledge and skills seriously.”

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  1. How can you compare the Joe Biden of 2012 to the Joe Biden of today? For that matter, how can you compare the Joe Biden of the primary debates with the Joe Biden of today? Unfortunately, with dementia, cognitive and mental decline can occur in a matter of weeks and months. It certainly pays to prepare, but using 2012 as an example of what type of person President Trump will face is silly.


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