Trump Previews AIPAC Remarks on Israel

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Republican candidate Donald Trump said today that a peace deal with Palestinians would be in Israel’s interests, and that as president he’d work to broker a deal for the Jewish state.

POLITICO reports that in an interview on ABC, Trump previewed some of what he plans to say on Monday in a speech before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee policy conference in Washington.

“A deal would be in Israel’s interests,” Trump said, adding that “there is nobody more pro-Israel than I am.”

“I don’t know one Jewish person that doesn’t want to have a deal,” he said, according to POLITICO. “If I win, I’m going to be giving that a very good shot.”

Trump has previously declined to say whether he would advocate for the United States to move its Embassy from Tel Aviv to Yerushalayim and has faced criticism since for saying he would be “a neutral guy” in negotiating between Israel and the Palestinians.



  1. I guess he really doesn’t understand the dynamics of the situation in the Middle East. There will never be peace between Israel and those who want Israel destroyed at any cost. No matter how good of a deal maker Trump is, even he can not negotiate real peace with terrorists who stab innocent civilians and blow themselves up just to kill others.

  2. All the parties go through the fiction of a peace deal in order to placate the great numbers of pro Israel xtians that want peace. They know that it’s impossible due to Palestinian intransigence but the put up the facade in order to placate the public. Even Netanyahu knows this but he plays the game.

    The current administration has been uniquely hostile to Israel in many ways. They have pushed the Iranian deal which is a danger to the US and to Israel and they have mistreated Israel in many ways. The US visa office recently delisted Israel. Let’s not swallow the baloney that Biden in feeding us.


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