Trump Promotes Theory That Obama Staged Bin Laden’s Killing

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President Trump promoted a baseless conspiracy theory on Tuesday alleging the Obama administration covered up a plot to stage Osama Bin Laden’s death, a wild accusation that was pushed by Twitter accounts linked to the QAnon conspiracy theory.

On Tuesday afternoon, Trump retweeted an article from an account with a history of promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory alleging “Biden and Obama may have had Seal Team 6 killed” and that Bin Laden may still be alive.

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  1. The man is an ‘Obsessive/Compulsive’ maniac! Obsessed with the memory of the late Senator John McCain & with the person of a living Former President; namely, Barak Obama.

  2. This is not a conspiracy. It’s an old fact which was already reported in 2014. Obama murdered the entire Navy Seal team from the fake Bin Laden raid. Their chopper was shot down. After all, you can’t have people walking around knowing the truth that Bin Laden was long dead and they did not throw him into the sea. Obama and Biden sent Iran $152 billion US taxpayer’s dollars to cover up the deaths of the Seal Team 6. Thank you President Trump for putting these resha’im away for good.

  3. Yes we face doom everyday. Gripping story.

    Turn fear into stage. The Trump music selections are ducky. But I mull if he likes an orchestra. The end.


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