Trump ‘Proud’ of Reducing Public Trust in Media

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Donald Trump is “really proud” of himself for helping to reduce the public’s trust in the news media, the Republican presidential nominee told radio host Fred Dicker on Thursday. A Gallup survey released this week showed that just 32 percent of Americans trust that journalists are reporting the news fairly and accurately.

“The media has openly been dishonest and I look at that poll and I said, ‘wow.’ Because every speech I talk about it. And I have tens of thousands of people showing up to these speeches and they are on television,” Trump said. “And I will tell you that everybody is talking about the dishonest.” He singled out CNN as the “Clinton News Network” with “terrible” ratings. Read more at BUSINESS INSIDER.



  1. Well well well. If it isn’t the Martian sun beaming down on the Jeopardy challenge. The real world would assume that the media made sure that the human feeling is not a Trumptastic fiasco. We can all assume that Mr. Trump is such a machoismo that human event is Putin safe and Galveston sure. The sad shame is that oil and beer are not blood and ale.

    Perhaps Trumptastic delight will be first coke first snaked for credit in any office he can hold. The world will be throwing up.

    This is just silent fun. The movies always have a head honcho who can denigrate the disorder of his day. The Godfather was not a victory for Mussolini.

    But then again, xenophobia run rampant is Fox news on 24×7.

    Seriously, all it is is satans timing given a big mouth. Pretty soon Hillary will speak again and Trumptastic will be dog shed war.

    Trumptastic. Can we have more Doritos to laugh at Hannity?

    Mitt Romney was never so cool.

    Give jawdrops to Trump-a-holiday. Hillary might make it back and media can be oir friend.

    Shucks, I thought Fox news ripped keriah for the dead too.


    • Hope this comment was not the tragedy of the day. Looking at it has love of G-d but the market of good humor was disturbed. One can only imagine how we might feel with Donald Trump as president. An attack on the media is very upsetting to many who rely on their reporting. This hits at the foundations of our society. This is what I was trying to artfully convey in my above comment. Sorry for the mess.

  2. To the Moran who wrote comment one whatever you think about trumps claim y don’t you or your ilk ever criticize the garbage from the left which ha really damaged this country from morals to economics


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