Trump Quotes Ken Starr: Pennsylvania ‘Horribly Lawless’

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In a series of Friday tweets, President Donald Trump directly quoted former independent counsel Ken Starr, who called Pennsylvania “horribly lawless.”

During a Friday appearance on Fox Business’ “Varney & Co.,” Starr discussed the ballot counting process taking place in Pennsylvania. Starr accused the state’s governor and state supreme court of “flagrantly” violating the U.S. Constitution.

“They just ignored that, ignored the Constitution,” Trump wrote, quoting Starr. “Now we bring it down to the counting houses, and outrageously, observers, who are the sentinels of integrity & transparency, were excluded. Pennsylvania has conducted itself in a horrible lawless way.”

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  1. Even Fox News have said that Biden is the winner. But the Liar-in-Chief and don’t admiit the fact. SHAME on you. My mother had a Yiddish wort /expression for those who always wanted to satisfy powerful people, my modesty prevents me from write it here. It ends with leckers

    • Since when has the media because the judge? For your information, President Trump won in a landslide, over 80%, and all fake ballots will be destroyed. The era of fraudulent elections with the CIA criminals at the helm is over. This election was planned with the Supreme Court judge in 2018 who said it’s legal to watermark the ballots.

  2. Why doesn’t ken starr take the case? Because there is none. Tonight you heard a speech where the President elect doesn’t talk about himself. Try to get used to it.


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