Lakewood residents who want to see the President but don’t want to travel to Wildwood may have another opportunity, reporter Shlomo Schorr writes.

Schorr tweeted yesterday that there are talks to have the President come to Ocean County sometime this summer and perhaps hold a rally in Lakewood or Toms River.

Although New Jersey went comfortably for Hillary Clinton in 2016, President Trump won Lakewood by 50 points, 17,914 votes or 74.4% to Hillary’s 5,841 (24.2%) – his largest margin of victory of any town with over 10,000 people in New Jersey.



  1. Would love to go but I have some concerns. If I attend but don’t wear my regular hat & jacket, will that effect the chances of my children’s shidduchim? Will the rally be separate seating/standing? Will there be taaruvos in the parking lot?

  2. Years ago there was talk of Bush senior making a reelection campaign rally near BMG. His campaign was widely rumored (coming from semi-reliable sources) to have been considering it.

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