Trump Responds to Cruz’s Non-Endorsement

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  1. It’s a free country. Mr. Cruz can say what he likes. Trump can respond how he likes. That’s the advantage of the Republican Party. They allow different voices and opinions. The Democrats are run by the iron fisted media which is controlled and owned by the DNC. They decide who will be coronated and NO opposing views are ever allowed. They MUST circle the wagons at all costs. No scandal or poor personal ratings are allowed to be a factor.
    Some Democracy.

  2. Bite sized cookies.

    Ted Cruz is so casual that his pants are ready to burn the same fire that Trump’s hard hand keeps lighting.

    Minutes of the pessimism of the wasted cower of poor days. Trump has so little support that even his detractors get invited to see if they can be his friend!

    Cooler convention if the hot dogs at Cleveland Stadium are still the popular mood in Cleveland. The bad year we are enjoying might be better somewhere else.

    Soda pop still costs too much.


  3. Poor guys. The DNC risks nothing discussing right politics. GOP 1988 to today is antisocial, antidemocratic and poor.

    Media is run by investors. They have multiple influences. When a true word is spoken, the merit of Hashem invested is created. We learn ethics, faith and peace.

    I thank Hashem life has good media. Coverage can vary but the good players are good faith. Knowing Torah lets you discern the best from the worst.

    Credit due CNN. They started the cable media business and the rest followed. The DNC is not a media conglomerate and it sill only be yireh when the right people are elected.

    We must not be tired onlookers in our democracy. Daily intelligence is deciding who your strength blessed by Torah congratulates in good faith.

    Functioning democracies use media for loved intellectual growth. We must have college educated minds. Missing the rich is terror.

    Give the media credit. They do not design the election. The marketplace and the ready political arena are the places where voices are heard.

    However poor perceived notions are, media errors are not public insight. Middle of the night news might actually be best. CBS and ABC have programming from 2 to 4 in the morning that goes through only the good stories of the day. That it what cable news lacks. Until Hashem blesses you with the most muddled sleep, you might never enjoy those casts. For me I am so lucky meaning is in my hours.

    Giddy stories are great.

    Give haggle to FOX news. Hannity did not even complete college and O’reilly is just a school teacher by trade. You will not get current humane feelings yelling at the worth of liberty.


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