Trump Retakes Lead Over Biden In Texas

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Despite having trailed Joe Biden in the historical deep-red state of Texas, President Donald Trump in late July warned that his opponent’s energy policies would threaten the oil and gas industry.

The latest Dallas Morning News poll shows Trump might have swayed some voters with his message.

Biden’s 5-point Texas lead in early July among likely voters is now 2 points in Trump’s favor, 48% to 46%.

There are a surprising 5% of those likely to vote still undecided, however, leaving some room for movement down the stretch in the presidential campaign.

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  1. These polls are such trash I would bet my house that Trump will clobber Sleepy creepy slow Joe hidin Biden, as if he only has a 2 point lead in Texas. These same suppression polls told us he would get destroyed in 2016, these same polls told us Bozo O’rourke would beat Ted Cruz in 2018 ,and that didn’t work out to well for him. It’s the fake news just hyping it up, and every liberal will be bawling again come this November.


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