Trump Ridicules Environmental Hairspray Regulations

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Image: Donald Trump Is Not a Fan of Pump HairsprayThis isn’t just hearsay.

Donald Trump has a personal problem with one of the efforts aimed at protecting the environment. It’s messing with the billionaire businessman turned Republican presidential candidate’s hair.

The AP reports that Trump told supporters in South Carolina that he’s not impressed by replacements for old aerosol hairsprays that contained ozone-eating chemicals called CFCs. He says the more modern pump-style products come out in globs and get stuck in his hair.

In fact, aerosol hairspray no longer contains ozone-damaging chemicals. The Environmental Protection Agency says those have been banned from consumer aerosol products in the U.S. since the late 1970s.



  1. I could be so careful to tell the world that hairspray is a cheap substitute for poor values, but I am afraid that the little minded children will find me to be an angry guy.

    When I was a youth in high school and somewhat before that in junior high, spraying my hair and using hair gel was the in-vogue experience that I thought was very important. I used to fret over what my hair would look like and if the hair would have a neatly brushed appearance. I did not do that in elementary school of course as no one cared for vanity.

    But as soon as you hit high school, the world is your oyster bath. Still, I stopped more into my 20s and it has been years since I have used any of those seemingly ridiculous hair products.

    A sign of vanity.

    I became a Ba’al teshuvah and the hair needs no usual combing. Apply kippah and hat and no worries.

    But still, one either guesses that the very young or maybe the hair of the young requires more aggressive interaction or the soul feels more astute in its own sanity as life progresses.

    Donald trump is cheap. His hair is his better day of just being his own laughter for the comb over of the poor value of not having a job for human emotional control.

    Will any yid even consider a heathen like Trump as their president? Get your hair gel and hair spray. You might want to spray it in your foolish meaning of poor direction. The stiff head will not always build a better community.

    Water the hair down and wear your kippah. No one needs such inflammatory lost deserved glamor.


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