Trump Says Administration Looking ‘Seriously’ At Ending Birthright Citizenship

President Trump listens during the unveiling of legislation that would place new limits on legal immigration at the White House on Wednesday. MUST CREDIT: Photo by Jabin Botsford for The Washington Post.
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President Trump on Wednesday said his administration is once again seriously considering an executive order to end birthright citizenship months after several lawmakers cast doubt on his ability to take such action.

“We’re looking at that very seriously,” Trump told reporters as he left the White House for Kentucky. “Birthright citizenship, where you have a baby on our land — walk over the border, have a baby, congratulations, the baby’s now a U.S. citizen.”

“We are looking at birthright citizenship very seriously,” he added. “It’s, frankly, ridiculous.”

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  1. Lol this guy is really really stupid
    Its in the constitution “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

    an executive order cant chaneg the constitution.

    People voted for this bozo?

    • “All persons born… are citizens of the United States and of the State WHEREIN THEY RESIDE.” Well, if one does NOT RESIDE in the US, just crosses the border to have a baby, is obviously not included in this Constitution statement.

      You call yourself Emes, Mr Bozo?

    • These parents are ILLEGAL ALIENS. They came into the country ILLEGALLY as tourists on temporary visas. Children born from illegal immigrants get free schooling, social services, etc. and can at 18 or, is it, 21 sponsor their parents and siblings.

  2. Perhaps the executive order can relinquish its jurisdiction of the US over the newborn child, except for purposes of deportation.

  3. To Emes:
    Your absolutely correct. It’s the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution; adopted on July 9, 1868.
    A scribble with a ‘Sharpie’ marker, or for that matter, an order from the Executive Branch of Government, CANNOT nullify it!!
    This “Bozo”, as you have correctly labelled him, has completely gone off his “rocker”!!

  4. I heard on local radio show in Detroit from a nurse at maternity ward in local hospital that very many middle easterners come to Michigan to have a baby and fly right back. They are raising multitudes of American citizens that are raised in Arab countries have voting rights and other rights as well just for having a free birth in USA. This is probably a calculated long term plan to do to USA what they have done to Europe

  5. To Anonymous:
    A very interesting “Maasei”. For once, You have a point. I have to agree with you; this time round. “Y’Shar Koach”!
    I had some “B’nei Yishmoel” in my practice before retiring. And, they came “armed” with Medicaid; living “off the fat of the land”!!
    Well, it has been said, that: “This is a ‘Medinah Shell Chesed’, LOL.

  6. Draw it. Mr. Trump is erasing chalk lines. Immigration waivers kill.

    Yireh bug here. Will he revoke the 19th amendment? He must observe its 100 year next year. It is religiously unfair.



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