Trump Says ‘Fat Pig’ Comments About Christie Were ‘Extremely Respectful’

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Donald Trump claims that his latest public remarks about former New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s weight were “extremely respectful.”

At a rally in New Hampshire on Tuesday, the Beast reports, Trump couldn’t resist making yet another comment about his 2024 GOP presidential nomination rival’s appearance.

“Christie, he’s eating right now,” the former president said, prompting laughter and cheers from his supporters. “He can’t be bothered.”

He went on to point at someone in the crowd and said: “Sir, please do not call him a fat pig,” adding: “I’m trying to be nice, don’t call him a fat pig” and: “We want to be very civil.”

“If you had the guts you would show up to the debate and say it to my face,” Christie later tweeted alongside a video of Trump’s comments. “I was extremely respectful of Sloppy Chris Christie today in New Hampshire,” Trump wrote in a Truth Social post. “During a speech in front of a large crowd of Patriots, somebody shouted out that ‘Chris Christie is a fat pig.’ Rather than acknowledging that, which many speakers would have done, I said, ‘No, No, he is not a fat pig.’ I’m sure Chris would have been very happy with my defense of him!”


  1. Former President Trump is not behaving in a dignified manner. The trickle down effect to the average American shlub is frightening. It’s time for a real change.

    • You’re upset that Trump says the truth but you don’t have a problem voting for a criminal who has committed horrendous against humanity.

  2. Please stop reporting the disgusting rhetoric of this individual, it pulls us all down to hear about it. I know he has many devoted Frum followers but the rest of us have had enough of him.

  3. He said to say that is Extremely Disrespectful.
    Why are you saying that he said Extremely Respectful, when he did Not say that.

    Please correct the heading to say the truth.

  4. I support Trump … but in all honesty can someone point out to him that he’s not really what you would call “skinny”…. Far from it…

  5. “Former President Trump is not behaving in a dignified manner…..”

    Please spare us your hogwash. None of us are looking at the president of the USA to be our role model in dignified manners. We want a president who will put America first, get this country back in shape, return law and order on our streets and lower inflation and costs.

    And the best candidate without any doubt is Donald J Trump

    • Exactly.
      And btw, we’ve all seen how extremely respectful Christie and others have been towards President Trump. Veritable models of decorum and restraint. Not a harsh, crude, or critical word from any of them.

    • We support those who make political moves that actually make sense. Wd don’t care about the middos of the eino Yehudim.

    • Oh cummon. All this sociopath cares about is himself.
      Besides, what good is your country if its leader deepens its divisiveness every time he opens his mouth.


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