Trump Says He Directed Pence To Walk Out Of Game If 49ers Protested During National Anthem

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The plan had been for Vice President Mike Pence to attend the Indianapolis Colts game at which Peyton Manning’s number is to be retired, a gala celebration of the former Colts quarterback’s contributions to Pence’s home state.

The former governor of Indiana and his wife, wearing a Manning No. 18 jersey, left Lucas Oil Stadium after the national anthem, following instructions from President Donald Trump after a number of San Francisco 49ers players took a knee during the anthem.

“I asked @VP Pence to leave stadium if any players kneeled,” Trump tweeted. I am proud of him and @SecondLady Karen.”

Pence said he chose to leave because “we should rally around our Flag.”

“I left today’s Colts game because President Trump and I will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our National Anthem. At a time when so many Americans are inspiring our nation with their courage, resolve, and resilience, now, more than ever, we should rally around our Flag and everything that unites us,” he said in a statement. “While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I don’t think it’s too much to ask NFL players to respect the Flag and our National Anthem. I stand with President Trump, I stand with our soldiers, and I will always stand for our Flag and our National Anthem.”

Pence’s response appears to have been triggered by the decision of between 15 to 23 members of the 49ers to take a knee during the anthem, as many NFL players have done to raise awareness of social injustice and racial inequality. Members of the Colts stood for the anthem with arms linked.

(c) 2017, The Washington Post · Cindy Boren



  1. Fitness and gold. They train for this.

    Give best never a ticket. A yid need not watch such schluss.

    Boring for the Torah mind.

  2. Want the right term for knee-planing for the National Anthem to protest the way that black America is regarded by the free society? Its called “Slave-planting”.

    Dumb but the slave-wit of the lost black society we have been watching protest just a human world today is simple. They do not have freedom in their own little mind to think of anything other than glamour and glee.

    Football is all glamour for most of the players. The result? A slave-modified future.

    This is aggressive. I expect no final end soon. It is too popular and the glamour of disdain is popular.

    I do not think that even a good cheerleader section can close this era. I dare think that Kaepernik wanting another job to stand for the Anthem is any better. Maybe we can just all go out and play with our new wifi. The internet is much more interesting.

    Gladiators are not worth penny or storm. I have not paid for a game in almost most of my full life and I dare think it is a place to go again.

    Kickoff if you like yet another manner angry. Groan and (if you play)- Grunt.


    • Do you feel that middle to lower income white folks should start paying black folks their long overdue reparations? We, evil white males, enslaved black folks and they must be compensated. Bl$$mberg, Hillary, Kerry, Gore, Buffet, all rich folks, don’t have to pay. Only the struggling hard working lower income white folks should be made to shoulder the burden.

  3. Stop funding the stadiums with taxpayer’s money to those despicable America haters. They have enough money to pay it on their own.


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