Trump Says He Won Debate ‘Easily,’ Will Continue Debating Biden

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President Trump insisted Wednesday that he prevailed in the first debate against Democratic nominee Joe Biden and said he wants to continue with the two remaining such events.

“I thought it was a great evening,” Trump told reporters at the White House before departing for a campaign trip to the battleground state of Minnesota. “I see the ratings were very high and it was good to be there, felt very comfortable. I appreciate all the good words.”

Trump later claimed that Biden does not want to move forward with the next two debates, despite the Biden campaign saying Tuesday that the former vice president would continue to debate Trump.

“I hear he doesn’t want to go forward, but that’s up to him. I mean, I would like to,” Trump told reporters. “By every measure, we won the debate easily last night. I think he was very weak, he looked weak, he was whining. Yeah, we won the debate by almost every poll that I saw.”

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  1. What a narcosistic, santimonious fool. If he would just use his big head instead of his small head he would destroy Biden. Unfortunately, he’s never had his big head and he is just too impulsive and vindictive. But we need to hitch our wagons to this idiot anyway.

  2. Too bad that there isn’t someone else running that I could vote for. Stuck with Trump.
    He’s done some very good things while President, but this is a guy who doesn’t know how to speak the truth even when it would be to his own benefit.
    I don’t believe I ever saw a better example for the posuk of יפה שתיקה לחכמים .

    • Your possuk is a perfect example to describe you.

      If you’d remembered what Trump said that “Nothing is as it seems,” you’d understand that he’s playing his roll like a true 5 level chess champion. And the same goes for the idiotic comment above yours.

    • Jo Jorgensen She doesn’t have a good chance of winning noww, but if the Libertarians get enough of the vote this time they get to participate in debates next election, giving us a 3rd option next time.

  3. Which candidate says “I LOST the debate”?

    Trump is not a guy I want to hear from but he gets my vote for his political policies .

  4. Had Hillary and Obama been alive, we’d have heard from them loud and clear throughout these campaign months, especially after the debate. Expect the media to bring up their doubles/clones again soon…

  5. I agree, please President Trump don’t change anything. Like The genius Sean Hannity said you dominated, keep your performance the same with the exception if you can dominate more, do more, the country can’t get enough of your domination.The country loved it , remember the ratings were HUGE !

  6. I support Trump but I really wish he would have let Biden speak. I realize that this is his style but it’s very off-putting. Also, from a strategic point of view, the more you let Biden speak, the more gaffes he will make.


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