Trump Says Pentagon Officials Unhappy That He Doesn’t Want Wars

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President Trump says top officials at the U.S. Department of Defense want to continue waging wars in order to keep defense contractors “happy.”

At a White House news conference, the president also reiterated his claim that reports he had made offensive comments about fallen U.S. service members and called World War I dead at an American military cemetery in France “losers” and “suckers” were a “hoax.”

Read more at Fox News.



  1. The Dems have wanted Trump to go into war since day 1 and were hoping he’ll start WWIII as Hillary had promised when she become President. Boy were they excited when Trump attacked Syria already in April 2017, 3 months into his presidency, and had their media blast it all day. But when they learned that he only attacked the Deep State region in Syria, the media stopped reporting it altogether.


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