Trump Says Self-Pardon Is ‘Very Unlikely’ — But Doesn’t Rule It Out

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Former President Donald Trump has expressed doubt about the likelihood of granting himself a self-pardon if he were to succeed in his 2024 campaign. Trump, who faces felony charges in four different jurisdictions this year, reiterated this position during an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” marking moderator Kristen Welker’s inaugural appearance as host.

In the interview, Trump maintained that he “didn’t do anything wrong,” emphasizing that he chose not to issue a self-pardon during the final days of his presidency, despite legal advice suggesting it as an option.

He recounted his stance, stating,  “Let me just tell you. I said, ‘The last thing I’d ever do is give myself a pardon,’”

Nevertheless, when pressed about whether he would consider it in the future, he did not completely rule it out.

It’s noteworthy that two of the four charges against Trump are in federal court, potentially making a presidential pardon applicable. In the case of the Georgia racketeering charges, Trump has recently indicated that he “may” seek a transfer from state to federal court, a move that his former chief of staff and current co-defendant, Mark Meadows, unsuccessfully attempted.



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