Trump Says WH Could Veto FDA’s Vaccine Rules

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President Donald Trump signaled that he could veto any tightening of U.S. rules for the emergency clearance of a coronavirus vaccine, a move that could increase concerns that the race to find a COVID-19 shot is being politicized ahead of the presidential election.

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to soon issue final guidelines for an emergency-use authorization for a vaccine. Regulators and drugmakers have in recent weeks vowed to adhere to science, not politics, in deciding when a vaccine is ready to reach the market.

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  1. The FDA does play politics!
    A while back when the liberal media was focused om feminism the FDA pulled the plug on an effective drug because if women, and only women, took it together with a different prescription drug the result could be fatal. This was a prescription drug. How many prescription drugs if not taken properly or in conjunction with another can be fatal? Probably most; even an accidental double dose of the same drug can sometimes have serious consequences. But this drug only negatively affected a small subset of women, and only women, so it was removed. Political correctness!

  2. A delusional, perhaps demented, guy like Trump, has no business poking his nose into scientific & medical matters.
    Something he has no clue about!!
    Just mirrors his “Chuspah” & “Azuz”. And, as our Sages have so definitively remarked: Avos, 5:24; “Az Ponim, L’Gehenom”.
    Perhaps, also, a foreboding of Messianic Times, as our Sages, so forcibly predicted; Tractate Sotah, 49b: “…in the footsteps of the Messiah ‘Chuzpah’ (Insolence) will increase….”.


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