Trump Sends Letter To Kim Jong-Un

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The US government sent a letter to North Korea from “President of the United States Donald Trump” via Panmunjeom on July 1 ahead of a scheduled third visit to the North by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on July 6, sources reported.

Kim Yong-chol is a close associate of Kim Jong-un who was present at Pompeo’s two previous visits and meetings with the North Korean leader. A South Korean government source confirmed that Pompeo would be “visiting North Korea on July 6.”

It was not confirmed what the content of Trump’s letter was. But some observers speculated it may have concerned early denuclearization measures and/or the return of the remains of US soldiers who disappeared during the Korean War.

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  1. Last week Fake News lied again – in order to discredit President Trump’s North Korea’s victory – with their fake satellite images that North Korea continues to upgrade their nuclear facility. According to reports, North Korea has ZERO nuclear capability right now!


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