Trump Sets Rapid Campaign Pace, While Biden Stays Home

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President Donald Trump campaigned at a frenetic pace Saturday in a three-state trip that started with a Michigan rally where he called opponent Joe Biden a “criminal” and pounded his claim that the Democrats are anti-American.

Addressing a rally in Muskegon, Michigan, Trump focused on US culture war themes, telling a large cheering crowd that the Democrats wanted to “erase American history, purge American values and destroy the American way of life.”

And he ramped up his increasingly intense attempt to paint Biden as corrupt, pushing the same conspiracy theory that led to his impeachment last year and a new, murky report in the New York Post that purports to reveal evidence of corruption by Biden’s son Hunter.

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  1. Biden doesn’t have to do any campaigns. His basement rallies of a dozen people and no turnout in Las Vegas and Phoenix already gave him 15 points lead over Trump, with Biden winning 57% over Trump’s 42%, according to CNN, NYT, The Guardian and others.


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