Trump Signs Executive Orders Aimed At Lowering Drug Prices


President Trump on Friday signed four executive orders aimed at lowering drug prices, seeking to take action on a key issue for voters in an election year.

The orders signed by Trump would move towards allowing states to develop plans to import cheaper drugs from Canada, eliminate a system of drug discounts known as rebates in a bid to simplify the system, and seek to make EpiPens and insulin more affordable for patients of community health centers. It is unclear, though, when the moves can be finalized and take effect.

Trump also announced a fourth, more sweeping order, seeking to slash the price that Medicare pays for drugs to be in line with prices paid in other countries, what Trump called “most favored nation” status for the U.S.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Nice to see Trump finally pretending to do something about something he said he supported. Last year, Nancy Pelosi got the House of Representatives do pass a bill that would accomplish much of what Trump claims to be supporting, except that because that bill will have the authority of law if passed by the Senate and signed by Trump, it would hold up in court. This looks like another Trump deceit as much of what he is proposing does require congressional approval.

    • Only fools and liars who thrive on fake news do not realize that President Trump has accomplished more than any other President, with the economy and the draining of the swamp his biggest accomplishments.

      • trump is the swamp. he will go down as one of the most corrupt presidents. how do people not see this? is he good for the jews yes. but let’s not ignore how corrupt he is! let’s not distort reality.


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