Trump Slams Harris, Says She Was His ‘Number One Pick’

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President Trump, in his first on-camera remarks about the new Biden-Harris ticket, said he was “a little surprised” that Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris to be his running mate given her “very poor” primary performance, but said she was his “number one pick” to face off against.

During a White House briefing Monday afternoon — shortly after Biden announced Harris as his VP nominee — Trump lashed out against the Democratic senator.

The president, referring to her failed 2016 presidential run, claimed he was most surprised by the pick because “she did very very poorly in primaries, she ended up right around two percent.” And he drew attention to her campaign attacks on Biden at the time.

“She was very disrespectful to Joe Biden. It’s hard to pick someone that was that disrespectful,” Trump said referring to a debate moment to Harris’ blitz against Biden in last summer’s primary debates.

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  1. Very smart choice for the Democrats. They know the leftist liberals will never vote for Trump But they will hold their noses and vote for Harris. They are really trying to get those voters who will vote for Trump because of his tough on crime stance. They have that in Harris. I intentionally left out Biden since I don’t believe he will last to long as president)

  2. As reported right here in Matzav, both Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump have contributed to her campaigns in the past.

    More proof that Trump will turn on anyone if it benefits him politically.


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